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Conservation Status

Conservation Status - Least Concern

Sam the Makinders Eagle Owl

(Bubo capensis mackinderi)

About Sam

When Sam was younger we were asked if we could take him and get rid of him as he was extremely vicious. We discovered from his owner that he had scratched a 4 year old child who was giving him a cuddle. Since being with us we have discovered that he likes moderate amounts of affection. He is extremely tolerant and very playful. Although Sam likes to be held, he soon lets you know when he has had enough by flying back to his perch.

Description of the Makinders Eagle Owl

A large, dark, tufted owl with dark brown markings above and fawn spotting, creamy-fawn under-parts with prominent dark blotching, a greyish facial disk with medium yellow eyes. The Makinders Eagle Owl is a member of the Cape Eagle Owl family, which is widely distributed in Eastern and Southern Africa. It is happy in many types of terrain, but prefers wooded gullies in high country and shady ravines or scrubby slopes with scattered boulders in lower country.