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Conservation Status

Conservation Status - Least Concern

Indie the Bengal Eagle Owl

(Bubo bengalensis)

About Indie

Indie was mistreated as a youngster and was given to a rescue group at Nottingham. When the rescue group closed down he was brought into us at the centre. Indie has made friends with Bubo but does not like people

Description of the Bengal Eagle Owl

This magnificent bird has a greyish facial disc which has a prominent blackish rim with large eyes that are orange-red in colour. The wings, shoulders and head are tawny brown, mottled and streaked with black and brown. There is often a whitish bar across the shoulder. Wing and Tail feathers are tawny-buff, barred with blackish brown. The upper breast has small, dark streaks, with the rest of the under-parts having fine streaks and faint cross-bars, which become fainter towards the abdomen. These birds normally live in Rocky Hills with bushes, earth banks, wooded county with ravines, semi-deserts with rocks and bushes. They have been known to inhabit old Mango orchards close to human populations.