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Conservation Status

Conservation Status - Least Concern

Holly the African Spotted Eagle Owl

(Bubo africanus)

About Holly

Holly is a quiet bird who we took on when her owner sadly passed away several years ago. She is normally calm and relaxed, and is good friends with our Bengal Eagle Owl, Khan. Holly also likes to be tickled behind her ear tufts (just like Basil)!

Description of the African Spotted Eagle Owl

This eagle owl lacks the size and strength of other eagle owls, it is around 45cm in height. Their upper-parts are dusky-brown with white spots. Below, they are greyish to creamy-white with dark barring. They have long prominent ear tufts, yellow eyes and a grey facial disk which is rimmed in black. The call of this owl is normally 1 or 2 double hoots, followed by a 3 syllable hoot and then 1 long drawn out hoot "hoo-hoo buhuhu-hoooh"