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Conservation Status

Conservation Status - Least Concern

Fuzzy the White Faced Scops Owl

(Ptilopsis leucotis)

About Fuzzy

Fuzzy came to us with Mini from a team of show owls. He is a very cute looking owl who likes a small amount of handling. Fuzzy can often be heard grumbling to himself when he has to come out of his aviary!

Description of the White Faced Scops Owl

This small owl has an off-white facial disc bordered with a prominent black line on either side, with orange eyes. This owl is white to grey in colour with vertical black streaks and speckling. The upper side is darker in colour with the same pattern of spots and streaks. They have large prominent ear tufts, and a sandy coloured beak. What was once called the White Faced Scops Owl Otus leucotis has recently had a taxonomic revision. There are now two types recognized: the Southern White Faced Owl Ptilopsis granti and the Northern White Faced Owl Ptilopsis leucotis.